Welcome to Holmes Central!

I'm Steve Holmes. Here you'll find information about me and how I can help you and your company.

I am a Business Technologist. Simply put, I combine a deep understanding of technology with business experience and knowledge to help people build better companies.

My philosophy regarding technology is simple: "Technology represents a selection of tools for businesses to use in pursuit of their objective: Improving Shareholder Value."

With this in mind, following these axioms will help keep technology projects on the road to success:

  • Choose a tool that's right for the job.
  • Choose a tool that gives the best value.
  • Choose a simple tool over a complex one.
  • Choose a tool that can be supported by you or the developer for at least the life of your project.
  • Choose a tool that provides a path for growth and change in your project and in your company.
  • Choose a tool based on well-established industry standards over a proprietary tool.
  • Choose a tool that plays well with other tools and systems: an open tool.
  • Choose a tool that can be implemented rapidly, so the project can be deployed timely.
  • Develop and deploy new systems in parallel with old systems until everyone is comfortable with the new system.
  • Design and planning must include those most familiar with the business process (management), as well as those most familiar with day-to-day execution of the business process (staff).
  • Training for the new system is crucial.
  • Buy-in and support from top management is even more important.

Sure, some of these are obvious, but the right tool is not necessarily the one that is the most well known or the one with the biggest feature set. It might even be free!

I'm passionate about implementing technology that saves companies time and money. Let me help you choose and deploy the right technology to give your company that added competitive advantage.

Please have a look at the other pages of Holmes Central and then contact me at your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.