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Strategy and Planning

Company Overview
Company Overview

Company Business Plan
Company Business Plan

View some pages of a Business Plan that encompasses strategy at the highest level and outlines the general plan of implementation. It was written for a startup technology company.

The Company Overview is a short two-page piece that formed the opening for the Company's Private Placement Memorandum ("PPM") and became the Executive Summary.

The Company Business Plan sample is also from the PPM. Because the full Business Plan was written so thoroughly, it was able to be included in the PPM as the bulk of the business disclosures (the non-legal business specific verbiage).

These files are created using Adobe Acrobat, which enables document content and formatting to be preserved even when sent to and printed from different computers and platforms. It is highly recommended for sending electronic copies of your documents to others.

Pro Forma 1

Pro Forma 2

Pro Forma 4

Pro Forma 6

View part of the spreadsheet that produced detailed projections for this same business. It formed the foundation of the company's operational plan. It provided traditional accounting style reports and automatically drove all the dynamic charts and tables in the business plan.

The spreadsheet was created in such a way as to allow months to be added or removed. The annual total columns were put at the end and used special formulas to compile the proper total. This method made modifications much easier and helped reduce errors in the spreadsheet, since the first month column could be copied straight across without the interruption of annual total columns.

Everything culminated in the Pro Forma Financial Statement tab, which could then be used to produce simplified reports or charts to be printed separately or included in the business plan (see Pro Forma 4, 6 below).

The major advantage of building financial models in this fashion is that any modifications are automatically reflected throughout the entire document package, including the business plan, executive summary, and even the PPM.

PowerPoint Presentation

View the related PowerPoint presentation delivered to the financial community.

This pulls it all together into a concise form that can be communicated in to a large audience in what is usually a very short amount of time (oftentimes in less than 10 minutes).

This presentation was structured to allow for multiple time-frame presentations, depending on the time limits imposed by the presentation circumstances. Also, Q & A slides were prepared and appended to the presentation, so they were available if needed to help respond to the audience. Only the first 19 slides were needed for a full presentation.

The presentation also automatically updated from the spreadsheet and business plan.

(The image detail has been reduced to protect the property rights of the company involved, but you can get a general idea of the depth of coverage available as time allowed.)


View a sample of the Private Placement Memorandum.

This document, while prepared with the help of corporate security attorneys, was built on the documents you see above.

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Marketing, Promotion, and Packaging

These are examples of work created at my direction or under my guidance for CellBook (see web site link below). They represent the end results of hard work done by many talented people.
View the promotional piece KABC-LA channel 7 did on CellBook.(Open a separate player.)

View a sample marketing piece

This is a tri-fold marketing folder design to tell 'the story' and hold additional collateral material. It was designed to be multipurpose, serving customers, supplies, and investors alike, simply by changing the additional material inside.

Marketing Folder - Outside
Marketing Folder - Inside

View the design model for the custom bumper manufactured for CellBook.

The file being viewed here was actually used to drive a SLA machine (stereo lithography) to rapidly produce a prototype bumper. The prototype was then used to create a mold from which the finished rubber bumper was made.

Molded Protective Bumper - wire-frame
Molded Protective Bumper - 3D solid

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Information Technology
Company Overview

Peruse the CellBook corporate web site.

Notice the layout and color scheme matches that of the marketing piece above. I created this web site using Dreamweaver and standard HTML with some JavaScript thrown in. Each page is contained within its own file (unlike the dynamic data drive beta site - see below).

The site is designed to scale well regardless of the window size it is being viewed in. There is also a secure password protected section for authorized visitors.

The hardware to run this site is modest. One Windows NT server, with IIS4, protected by a firewall actually serves many virtual domains, including the beta site below.
Company Business Plan

Peruse the CellBook BETA preview and download site.

This site is dynamically created on the fly by the server software. There is only one file, a program actually, that creates every page as requested by the visitor. The advantage of this concept is that many parts of the code can be reused for each page. If you want to change the navigation bar, do it once and every page reflects the change. The layout is divided into three columns to allow for the presentation of special content on either side, and the main content in the center column. With a little programming this layout can be dynamic as well, based on the user selection. This is how portals, like Yahoo, allow for customization of layout.

If you navigate into the site, under the Traveler tab, you will be presented with a choice of hotels followed by a choice of content. Each of these sets of choice is dynamically compiled based on current data and the previous selection. Every large portal and e-commerce site uses this technique to generate pages. Trying to maintain and keep current every possible page request by hand would be futile.

After much analysis, I chose Tango ( to build this site based on cost, simplicity of maintenance, and its association with Pervasive SQL ( There are many other packages that serve similar functions, ranging from very expensive commercial packages to free open-source solutions.

Customer Maintenance Screen

Regions Maintenance Screen

Various Other Screens

View screen shots of the proprietary database I built that drives the BETA site.

This custom written proprietary database is at the core of providing the CellBook service. Every delivery site (usually a hotel) needed to have a unique set of content specifically compiled for its guests. CellBook customers (local advertisers) need to be able to select a la carte those sites where they would like their ad to run and when. Customers would likely need to run different ad campaigns at different sites at various times. Tracking all of this manually would be a nightmare. This database application handles it all in stride.

As the data changed in the database, either through customer request or a due to an ad expiring, the web site automatically reflects the new information.

The tool used to create the database is Magic Software ( It is a RADD product - Rapid Application Development and Deployment. It is quite an impressive product, allowing developers to build application quickly without much concern for the database engine running in the background. In fact, one can produce applications with Magic using multiple engines at the same time. This makes integration with legacy systems easier. The database engine in CellBook's case is Pervasive SQL.

In addition to reviewing and analyzing the needs of the company and the application going forward versus the available tools and products, I typically expose myself to at least the basic training on the chosen product. This lets me give strong practical support and motivational leadership to the people on the project team and helps insure the project keeps moving ahead successfully. In the sample case here, prompted by financial considerations, I was able to build the core database application myself because of the basic training I had.

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I have been particularly successful at helping workers be more productive using technology. The greatest saving can be recognized here because of the long-term nature of the effects. Saving just one hour a day amounts to over $6,000 per employee every year in savings. How many days go by in your organization where there isn't at least one computer question or problem?

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Sample Financial Statement
Company Overview

Sample Departmental Reports
Company Overview

Here are some sample Accounting Reports.

They include basic financial statements, with targets and budgets, as well as departmental financial and progress reports.

There is nothing magical about these layouts; they are in a traditional style. The trick is getting data from an operational planning spreadsheet into an accounting software solution that can then help one manage the finances.

Reviewing and analyzing accounting software can be challenging as well, with many choices and vendor claims to sort through. Every vendor will say, "Ours can do that!" Then later you find out you meant one thing and they meant another. Having a strong understanding of accounting systems in general, coupled with a good understanding of a company's needs, is fundamental to choosing the right package.


Regulatory and legal liaison.

I don't have any samples that I'm allowed to show you, but I can say that I have coordinated many regulatory audits and legal proceedings as CFO in my prior position. Regulatory audits are routine in the securities industry and become a de facto part of the operation. Planning and preparation are always wise. In my experience it is more efficient to have an individual as the key point person for working with auditors or corporate counsel. It is important to have someone with enough experience to know and comprehend the ramification of making certain choices - to know when to stop and take something under consideration. Of course good organization and management skills will help prevent the unnecessary and avoidable occurrences, and help get through the unavoidable ones.

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Other work: I have been involved in most every aspect of managing a business and people.

One that was particular fun (and belongs under this 'other work' category) was a large-scale office lease, build-out, and move. My staff and I handled everything from identifying the space and negotiating the lease, to designing the office space and decor, to organizing the move out and move in. We had professional help, of course, but we moved the entire office facilities for 100 employees into 17,000 sq. ft. of new office space over one weekend. Talk about an 'all-nighter.'

A multiphase move wasn't an alternative and having minimal downtime was critical, so the effort was worth it.

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Some of these samples are Adobe Acrobat files. Get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here.